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Analytica Conference in München: GTFCh Symposium am 22.06.2022

 GTFCh  (Chairs: Hans H. Maurer, Homburg / Saar, Dirk K. Wissenbach, Jena, both Germany)

Das Symposium der GTFCh auf der Analytica Conference findet am 22.06.2022 statt. 3 x 2 credit points


Geplantes Programm (Download pdf)

New Aspects of Clinical & Forensic Toxicology 

09:30 Sven Baumann, UL, Leipzig Possibilities and limitations of metabolomics research in clinical and forensic toxicology
10:10 Andrea Steuer, UZH; Zürich Progress on testing for sample adulteration
10:50 Markus R. Meyer, UdS, Homburg Cytotoxicity testing - a task also in clinical & forensic toxicology?

11:30 Lunch Break


Rules for Mass Spectrometry Applications

12:30 Mark Lebeau, FBI, Quantico, VA  Rules for HRMS: Minimum Requirements for Drug Identification in forensic toxicology 
13:10 Michael Vogeser, LMU  München Rules for MS applications in clinical laboratories
13:50 Juliane Hollender, Eawag, Dübendorf / Zürich  Strategies and rules for applying HRMS in environmental sciences 

11:30 Coffee Break


New Psychoactive Substances - still a topic in forensic research? 

15:00 Simon Brandt, LIMU, Liverpool  NPS from synthesis and analytics to pharmacology
15:40 Christophe Stove, GU, Ghent Advances of receptor assays as tools for pharmacological characterization and analytical screening of NPS
16:20 Robert Kronstrand, LU, Linköping Current status of post mortem toxicology of NPS