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Offers for Postgraduate Professional Education

GTFCh offers 4 Postgraduate Professional Education Programs

  • Forensic Toxicologist GTFCh
  • Forensic Chemist GTFCh
  • Clinical Toxicologist GTFCh
  • Forensic-Clinical Chemist GTFCh

Corresponding information can be found under these headings.


In addition to the current Postgraduate Professional Education Regulations, you are requested to submit all documents for the application electronically on a CD (4 copies) and an originally signed application request including the required written and originally signed statements and confirmations.

Application fees

For the reviewing process of the application, the executive board has fixed on May 3, 2021 a fee of 200 EUR to be transferred to the GTFCh Treasurer account before submission of the application request.

The examination fee of 150 EUR must be transferred to the GTFCh Treasurer account before each examination.